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Think Big Services for Youth & Families


Think Big

Think Big Services Meet the youth where they are. The youth we serve have faced some of the most significant challenges, foster care, runaway, homelessness, human trafficking and in some instances being newly released from juvenile prisons.

We aim to provide resources for housing, career coaching, financial freedom, mental wellness, and entrepreneurship.

Although we are a grassroots organization, our team is familiar with the cause. Our organization members are well-versed in mental health, social services, nursing, correctional programs, and counseling. In our careers, we have served many young people, leading us all to one common goal to create opportunities for youth and young adults.

Our communities are filled with young people searching for help and direction. When facing those stereotypes, as mentioned above, without positive movement, our youth often find themselves in criminal activity, substance abuse, and human trafficking, to name a few.

Think Big is here to be a positive resource for young people and their families.  We have confidence in our youth and young adults.  People can thrive in any environment given the right opportunity and tools.

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