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Our Mission

Our mission is to collaborate with young people in and out of the Juvenile Care System, schools, and youth in the community who are looking for everyday resources. We are here to give hope to the individuals in our charge and help them become productive citizens of their neighborhoods and communities. We are here to help rebuild, restore, repair, and replace hopelessness with self-esteem, respect, and self-worth. (TBS) Think Big Services is a grassroots, family-owned, and operated company. Our team consists of Mental Health Counselors Social Workers, Registered Nurses, Retired Military Personnel, Retired Correction Officers, Business Owners, HIV/STD counselors, and other qualified individuals.

Independence is a term that is often used freely to describe young people turning 18. Although they have reached the age where we welcome them to adulthood, many of these young people are unprepared to carry out the necessities of life. Think Big Services has created an array of workshops that will assist the youth in understanding how to better prepare and work through everyday situations.

Our team of professionals is prepared to teach, engage, and execute. We understand that these young people come from various backgrounds, and life can be highly challenging.

Think Big Services program aims to allow the youth to be the best young adults they can be and to challenge them to THINK BIG.

Arlene Reece-Solomon

About Our

Chief Executive Officer

I bring over 20 years of child welfare experience in government, and non-profit experience in both the private and public sectors, with expertise in compliance and Juvenile Facilities. Beginning my career in Nonprofits and then moving into Government, I spent the rest of my career at the New York State Office of Children and Family Services—bridging the gap Between City, State, and Non-Profit.

I started my career as assistant director at a non-secure juvenile jail for girls between 14 and 18 years old. During this time, I created curriculums and workshops for young women to build confidence, self- esteem, and career coaching, to name a few. At the same time, I was making connections in the community by bringing a host of volunteers to provide free services, tutoring, college preparation, employment services, crafting, music, and many more. When the young women were released, they had a sense of accomplishment and were better prepared.

Previously as the Runaway and Homeless Compliance Director, I assisted in bringing change to the Runaway and Homeless system of New York City, certifying hundreds of beds. While ensuring our youth was safe through creating new policies and procedures and yearly monitoring visits. NYC has over 30,000 thousand Runaway and Homeless youth on the streets. Being part of that team was one of the best parts of my career.

Working with Domestic Violence programs, we adhere to keeping men, women, and families safe. Breaking the silence that domestic violence is not only physical abuse but encompasses much more.

Anyone can thrive. Many need an opportunity to do so. We all seek basic needs, love, support, opportunity, and understanding. Our youth are no different.

Think Big Services was created to continue my work with helping people. I hope you will be encouraged to pursue your experiences with the help of the Think Big team.

“If you don’t deal with your today, it will show up in your tomorrow.”

Embracing the lives of people.

Our Team

Our Partners

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