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Housing Protocol

Each youth will be provided a room and share other common areas of the house with other youth, such as the kitchen, bathroom, lounge area, and living room.  Each youth will participate in an interview to ensure that TBS housing is the right fit. This house is for youth leaving foster Care and heading to independent living. 

Although the youth has successfully passed the interview and has volunteered to be placed with Think Big Services, all youth are expected to comply with the rules and regulations.  Youth are encouraged to be successful; it truly depends on how hard they are willing to work toward their goals.

All homes are designed with the growth and progress of the youth in mind. Our structure is designed so that youth entering our programs for the first time will be guided by staff. The staff will assist each youth with making appointments, preparing meals, time management, etc. As the youth progress throughout the program, they will graduate and move into the young adult progressive house.  This home is less structured and is only for our clients who exemplify independence.  All youth are required to work or attend school. Think Big Staff will work closely with the required agencies to ensure youth follow agency guidelines.

Part of our mission at TBS is to ensure that each youth is provided with the basic skills. Having the opportunity to live on your own is a big deal, but it also comes with many decisions that a person must make daily. However, this can look like fun, with no rules, no adults, and no staff to tell them what to do. It takes tremendous responsibility to recognize that I live on my own! But there are rules of the world that one must follow. Deciding whether to attend class, get up on time, or hang out with friends are all responsibilities that a young person must choose.   This is why all youth, upon entering Think Big Services, will live in the youth house. This house is staffed with a staff to help with daily instruction.


Critical components of Think Big Services for Youth and Families

● Stability

● Housing

● Self-sufficient /financial /entrepreneurship

● Education

● Mental health wellness

● Career

● Communicating Effectively

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